My eBook

Through Google Drive presentations, my eBook was created and based on a basic recipe for making mashed potatoes. Google Drive presentations makes presentations easier as it is a straightforward program. It has an organized design that continually saves work for you without the worry of not saving every half an hour or so. For my presentation, I chose mashed potatoes as it is one of my favourite side dishes! I find that mashed potatoes can go with any meal and make for a delicious side to any meat or vegetables.

This eBook represents my TPACK knowledge as it combines all the elements of making presentations with technology into one. It allows for a use of slide design, word art, images, custom animations, hyperlinks, videos and transition. Teachers may find this useful for integrating language and technology together. Through the use of these technological elements, they may teach students how to present their content in a format that is appealing and targets audience interest. In addition, these types of interactive activities are useful for targeting multiple intelligences within the classroom (ex. Visual, auditory) which may enhance student engagement. Furthermore, I believe that students will really enjoying creating their own eBooks as it could be extended to any subject. It would be a fun way to end a unit as students could create their own summaries to their learning or it could be a tool to introduce themselves at the beginning of a school year –perhaps sharing what they did in the summer or what their hobbies are!

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