My Learning Object

This learning object is an introductory presentation made on Story bird that encompasses a “story” about biodiversity and human impacts. This is a great tool for educators as it allows teachers to use the pictures made by the artists to be included as visuals alongside the content you are teaching.  As Story bird allows for creative and artistic pictures to be utilized within a story, this is a language arts “must have” however it may also be utilized within almost any subject!

This presentation is a brief introduction for students as the teacher may use it for assessing students’ prior understandings (diagnostic/for assessment) regarding biodiversity. With regards to the Ontario curriculum, this presentation connects to the learning objectives of “Understanding Life systems: Biodiversity” strand for Grade six:

Overall Expectations
1. assess human impacts on biodiversity, and identify ways of preserving biodiversity;
2. demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity, its contributions to the stability of natural systems, and its benefits to humans

Specific Expectations
1.2 assess the benefits that human societies derive from biodiversity (e.g., thousands of products such as food, clothing, medicine, and building materials come from plants and animals) and the problems that occur when biodiversity is diminished)
3.5 describe interrelationships within species
3.6 identify everyday products that come from a diversity of organisms

To view my learning object on Biodiversity & Human Impacts, please click here. 

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