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Smart board Notebook Training Program

Through this professional development opportunity, some topics highlighted were basic safety, using the various tools (software/hardware) and implementing lessons through the smart board. Specifically, we were taught how to get started, creating and combining SMART Notebook objects,  creating interactive lesson activities and given additional resources. With regards to instructional purposes, the classroom teacher may use much of this information by allowing their lessons to be integrated and presented through the smart board. There are many tools which allow for easy transitions of lessons onto the board in order for students to be engaged and active within their learning. As a result, the smart board is a great tool for student activities and games especially for subjects such as math, science and language. This includes creating measurement activities, using matching words and using the page recorder for showing steps/explanations.

Out of the various workshops attended, this presentation was selected as the tool itself (the smart board) is becoming more present in modern classrooms and classroom teachers are finding it a harder transition to use the smart board without official training. Thus, if pre-service teachers obtain this additional certification, it would allow them to use this tool appropriately since they are more than likely using it through out their future careers. In addition, it also allows teachers to integrate technology within their lesson to allow for interactive learning and targeting multiple intelligence's through the various learning styles provided through the smart board. Therefore, through the smart board, the classroom and learning environment is enhanced.

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